Jeff York is an award-winning caricature artist who's drawn for publications in print and online for over 25 years. HIs work has appeared in the pages of all kinds of periodicals including Playboy, W magazine, Hemispheres, Automobile, Ladies Home Journal and Esquire. He drew weekly for the Chicago Tribune for five years and his cartoon work has appeared in six books. 

He's a film critic as well, one who's written for TheEstablishing, the Examiner online,, and, and his caricatures have often accompanied those reviews.   

Educated at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Jeff specializes in elegant, black & white renderings that capture his celebrity subjects in the simplest amount of lines.

For more information on Jeff's work, to find out about commission opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch. (All works copyrighted by Jeff York.)

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